Episode #009 – Dax Jarrett

Episode #009 – Dax Jarrett

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The Journey of Life-Mastery

Dax Jarrett

With 18 years of experience in customer service, sales, fitness, public speaking and people development- my passion is seeing people reach their potential.
Dax started in sales at the age of 15 and then moved into fitness as a personal trainer at 18.
After 5years of being a PT, Dax moved into the sales and leadership side of the business alongside playing a key role in serving the youth of my local community and around the country as a youth worker and speaker.

After managing at companies such as Fit n Fast, Mingara One Fitness and now at Central Coast Leagues Fitness for the last 7 years- Dax has a unique leadership style that seemingly has a knack for improving sales, revenue growth, and lifting company culture all through creating an enjoyable work environment for staff and a welcoming atmosphere where our customers feel like they’re part of the family.

His philosophy on business was shaped by my own personal experiences (good and bad!) Being surrounded by dynamic leaders has left Dax with the understanding that leadership is earned daily, and that people don’t necessarily follow leaders who are always right, but they will gravitate toward leaders who are always real.

“Success or failure, there’s a lesson, and it’s all humbling.”

“Gratitude does you no good when you’re half empty.”