Episode #010 – The Honest Truth of Your Results

Episode #010 – The Honest Truth of Your Results

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#010 Brendon Osborne - The Honest Truth of Your Results


Thanks for joining us on the Brendon Osborne Podcast.

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me on today’s solo episode. In this episode, we’re going to be taking a hard, honest look at our outcomes. What we’ve been producing over the last 30, 60, it can even be the last 12 months. So this is a self-audit, it’s going to be just a hardcore truth session with you. This doesn’t need to be for anyone else, it’s just really highlighting the idea of, are you being busy or are you working smart and producing what you were intent on producing?

If you’re ambitious, if you’re seeking opportunities, and if you’re one of those people who are striving for more, wanting more experiences, you’re going to hit this pitfall because it’s so easy just to react to your environment, get super busy being pulled in multiple directions. And unless you do these small audits then you’re not really going to end up where you want to end up.

When you’re working for someone else or if you can be held accountable to someone else sometimes they will pull you in line with these but I know a lot of people out there, a lot of the listeners are really self-driven and self-motivated and doing things that they have no accountability for. If you are one of those people then this is going to be great for you.

The key to this audit and looking for these outcomes is not to be coming up with reasons or excuses, so we’re not there. It’s not why you haven’t been producing the certain amount of money you want to, it’s not why you’re not in the shape that you want to be in, it’s really just looking at what you’ve done and then we’re going to look at behaviors to change this. Let’s look at a couple of different areas in our life. Let’s just say finances, rather than saying your total financial position at the moment we could focus purely on income-generated. That could be in a personal level, you might be looking on a business level, but whatever’s personal to you, that’s a great metric.

If you’re looking over the last three, six, nine months, looking at how much you’ve been producing or the outcome, we’re going to also look at does it match up to what you want and then what behaviors need to be changed over the next few weeks moving forward. It could be that your wanting more time with loved ones but you put in a lot of time at work. The reason that I pair these two off, because if you’re not producing what you hope to be in business and you’ve been working harder than ever, it could be the case where you’re not doing the right things to generate what you want. You’re also missing out with time with loved ones, so you’re not really getting either.

We want to be producing what works for us or you can go in the other direction and go, “Hey, let’s cut this back a bit, let’s spend more time with the loved ones. Let’s rethink about the things that we need to do in that period and then go into a different phase.” Now, I definitely can understand that this could be a hard pill to swallow. You’ve been putting in a lot of work, you may be really going after it and so many different things. So to really think, “Hey, have I been doing the right or the wrong things? Maybe I haven’t. Have I been wasting time?” It’s not really going down that line of thought. It’s only if you identify that you now need to change and you continue not to change, then you can take some ownership around not doing the right things.

But at the moment you can’t be mad at yourself for anything that you’re not currently aware of. And the good news is with this it’s not about a whole game change for the most part, it’s really some small behavioral changes. Let’s dive into the health side of things because that’s an easy one. Pretend you are going to the gym. You’re putting in the work, you’re going for the runs, you’re eating well. And then I’m making the assumption that you’re already doing the work, if you’re not doing the work you don’t deserve any results. You are doing the work and you’re not moving forward, whether it be, let’s say body composition. You may only need to make some small adjustments in terms of measurements of foods, some calories, potentially some more energy output, and it may be a 10% or a little bit more shift either way, then you can actually start having some measurable results.

And the measurement is the key word there. If you’re just using judgment on a lot of these areas of your life like, “I feel like I’ve been having a good time with my family. I feel like we’re going okay at business, I feel like I’m doing pretty well with health.” If that’s the conversation you’re having then it’s going to increase the likelihood of you ending up in this point of not getting results and being frustrated.

First step into that is to start to put some measurement tools on your progress. If you’re looking at income, go back in and see what’s been generated or how much you’ve actually generated for yourself personally in the last six months over a monthly basis. Is that increasing? Is that staying the same? Is it declining? What have you been doing in that period? Where have you been putting your attention? And the good thing is from here we’re going to start to ask ourselves some questions. So the question is, out of what I’ve been doing what has been generating the most outcomes for me? Is this something I can do more of? Is there things that I’m currently doing that aren’t serving me and aren’t driving towards these outcomes? And then we’re going to take a stock of those answers and start to put those into actions.

Now, I know some of these types of concepts we hear over and over, but unfortunately what happens again, like I said, about reacting to our environment we get sucked in. We start focusing on things that don’t matter as much, we get just bogged down with day-to-day minuscule tasks and we need to be constantly reminded about doing the things that matter to move us to get what we want. That being said, how you keep this concept fresh in your mind every day, every week, every month, and not be pulled off track by reacting to the things that come into your world?

From this there needs to be some sort of reminder set. You can set it in your phone, you could make a ritual that every Sunday night you go back, you look at your behaviors that have delivered you results and you insert those into your week. This is what we call a metarule, a overarching rule that brings your attention to a list of other rules. In these other rules we may have just sort of like the example I gave for the health side of things. We may be tracking workouts in terms of increments of weights, or running, or any time of duration. We might be measuring food.

For business, we might be doing like calling your main leads. We might be following up and making sure we’re touching points with their own clients. We might be getting reviews, all these types of things but we need this overarching metarule that we sit down every Sunday night, for example, and bringing our attention constantly to this. You could do this daily, weekly works great, but it’s just bringing it fresh in mind using the things that have worked well for you, removing the things that haven’t worked well for you, putting in those new behaviors moving forward and constantly bringing your attention back to that metarule.

That’s it for me today everyone, really, really appreciate your time today. I hope even this podcast could bring your attention back to some of the things that have driven your results in the past year, in the past decade, and I hope you can really keep drilling down on those. Thanks very much.