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Kurt Fearnley- The Brendon Osborne Podcast

Kurt Fearnley – Road to Rio, self-talk and what ever it takes.

I am very proud to present today’s guest, a great friend of mine: Kurt Fearnley. @kurtfearnley

It was great to talk deeply with an absolute champion. Kurt Fearnley is a three-time Paralympic gold medalist who has run and finished 64 marathons and has won 43 of those marathons. 

He has been competing in the Paralympics for 20 years now.  Outside of that, he has been spending his free time as an adviser for the NDIS and volunteering in other countries with Australian Volunteers International. 

His biography, “Pushing the Limits”, was published in 2014 and has received great acclaim.

He leaves in six weeks with his team, of which he is the captain, to compete for the last time in the Paralympics events in Rio.

Today, Kurt tells us about:

  • His ultimate goal (02:57)
  • What it felt like starting out as a competitor (04:08)
  • His current motivation for the coming Paralympics (04:59)
  • What keeps him going (06:06)
  • His mindset toward his training/His self-talk (06:44)
  • What he does outside of sports (08:33)
  • What he feels about his work as an international volunteer (08:50)
  • How passion and a desire to be a part of the community contributes to motivation (14:57)
  • His struggles as a person with a disability (16:55)
  • What he values and what he had to sacrifice as an athlete (20:00)
  • His plans post-Rio (21:39)
  • How he motivates other people (23:30)
  • His entity “on stage” or “in competition” (26:07)
  • His practices to “ground” himself (28:40)
  • His character development (32:06)
  • His Mentor/Coach (34:44)
  • His mind VS his body (40:16)
  • His book (41:25), and
  • His plan of attack for life. (43:29)

Listen to episode in itunes here.

Kurt Fearnley serves as a great inspiration to every Australian.  We hope he inspires you as well!

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