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How to have a great workout every time!

Everyone in my close circle exercises consistently.

Being in this environment leads to conversations that would sound odd to non-trainers.

“ What did you train today?”

“ How’s training?”

Or statements like

“ I’m so sore” or “ I’m wrecked”

These are seen as more of a badge of honor than complaining.

It’s pretty funny actually. But I enjoy it.

What I do realize from this is that even people who exercise daily have inconsistent outcomes on their workouts.

Here are 9 ways to ensure that when someone asks you “how was your workout?” You can say, “Freaking Awesome!”

Prepare to Dominate.

Going into a workout with the mindset of ‘I’m doing this because I should….’

will leave you with average workouts guaranteed.

Get pumped! Give everything you have. Let go and leave the narcotic behaviors behind.

Stop using exercise as an escape or distraction from your life.

Workouts may be an escape for you, but how long are you willing to distract yourself without actually looking at the real problem? Exercise is an amplifier, not a distraction.

A healthy body is the foundation for every aspect of your life. It is a chance to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. Teaching yourself lessons about who you are. It’s also a great way to connect with people who want the same things you do. Journeyman!

Find the joy in the activity.

Give 100% focus to your NOW. Be Present.

Stop focusing on where you are not. When we’re at work we want to be at home. When we’re at home we want to be with friends. When with friends we put pressure on ourselves, thinking we should be with family.

Organize a schedule and when you’re at the gym – Be there! You’ll be home soon enough, so stop worrying about it.

Have a symbolic action to separate your day.

This is why I love some form of pre-workout drink. Regardless of whether it’s a stimulant or not. For me once I have that drink, I leave what ever I was doing behind and it’s all focus on the workout.

Don’t be rushed.

Allocate yourself enough time to workout without having to clock watch or check your phone. Communicate to those around you to not impose on this time. (Nicely)

Have a plan!

Having an idea of what you’re going to do before you get to the gym is crucial to having a great workout. You may be able to go with the flow if you have a sound knowledge base of exercises and sequencing. Don’t get caught standing lost, looking what to do next. It is an energy demolisher.

Be flexible.

This is important in exercise selection as well as style of training. There may be times when you’re mentally ready to hit some PB’s but then you go for your first set and you’re as weak as a kitten. Being able to switch in a different rep range, supersets and using overload principles will allow you to always have great sessions.

Trial training times.

Changing patterns is a great way to improve any area of your life. You may find that you have more energy and can focus better. I’ve seen great improvements, especially in people with families.

It is better for them to get up at 5am rather than juggling responsibilities at night.

Think of your approach to workouts as a catalyst for every aspect of life.

If you can have a great workout when you’re tired, you can work proactively when you’re tired. If you have the ability the maintain focus for a 1hr workout, that will cross over into other aspects of your life. Better focus at work, more presence with the family.

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