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How do you operate under stress?


It’s easy to stay on top of your game when you’re not busy at work, relationships are awesome and the sun is shining. Appreciating the good times is important but what your daily actions become when we are stressed out, busy and tired are what count.

What are your habits when life is kicking you down?

Do you sleep in? Skip training? Eat poorly?  Or do you get out of bed at the same time, train your ass off, even without your normal zest. We all have ups and downs and no one is in beast-mode every waking minute, despite the highlight reels we see on social media. The level of your success will be be determined by the severity and duration of you down spiral.
When starting a new routine and developing habits, remember that your upside is unnatural and downside your homebase. Begging you to return. Don’t do it, fight all urges for as long as you can. Do this until your homebase starts to shift and your next level feels comfortable.
There will be time when you return to your old habits, generally under stress or when you’re in new environments ie holidays. It’s important in these times not to be frustrated, we aren’t meant to be ‘on’ all the time. This frustration can be caused amplified by a sense of losing control.

Yes, you’re probably a control freak. Dont get mad, I am too. This is something I’m working to let go of.


Take a breath, realise that you can’t control every circumstance directly, only how you react to the feelings you have towards it.

Trying to control everything is futile balancing act. If balance is your goal, plan to be mediocre in every facet of life. Strivers don’t balance they counter balance. When one area goes up, work, family time, social commitments, another aspect in your life will take a hit. When work is up you may have less family time. Making sure that the time you’re spending is quality is the way to manage this and being aware of how long you intend to to stay in each phase. If work is going to be that way for the next 10 yrs and your family is of higher  value, you may want to start looking for a career change.

Being present and aware whilst counterbalancing will allow you to tweak your patterns when things are starting to move negatively.

Are you an all or none person?

I find this belief interesting and rarely supportive of success. So commonly used and generally as excuse as to my they have just been doing nothing. You may be using this as an empowering phrase. The words aren’t important only our feelings toward them. A possibility that this belief could apply, if you were all or none in the present moment.  In each segment of your life and day making choices that contribute to your goals. I bring this belief to you attention as an example of how we label ourselves. Find out which of these labels are supporting you.

How do I protect my downside?

Trials these points out. Learning is about experiencing what works for you and what doesn’t. Without application, reading how-to’s become just another distraction in your world.

1. A ritual board.
Draw a grid on a piece of paper or whiteboard (preferably) allowing for the names of items down the left side and days of the week across the top.
Write down 8 things (min) that you know you should be doing on a daily basis.  These 8 things are the foundation of your success. These are not results, they are doable actions and nothing is too small.
Here are a few things I have on mine.
. Quality time with Cooper (my son).
. Fishoils

. meditate

. Read 20 mins minimum.

. Mobility

I don’t add things like working out because I do them anyway. Try to do thing that I forgot to do. Or that require presence, like the time with my son.

2. Choose your friends wisely.

If your friends are playing the game of life how you would like to play it, then it will be likely that you won’t be in a down spiral for long. You will be sucked back up naturally.

If however your friend is a mirror of your down spiral, It will be comfortable to stay there. It may be why you are there in the first place. (something to think about)

3. Journal.

Journaling will give you better insight into your own mental chatter, reflecting on thoughts throughout each day. The idea is not to get lost in your thoughts but be aware of them.

Keeping a notepad with you or taking notes on your phone when you have an interesting thought or connection. It’s a great way to separate you for your thoughts.

Some of my journaling will grow into articles or even videos. You’ll be surprised at what your brain can produce when you allow the thoughts to flow and not get consumed by them.

4. Environmental control.

How Hard are you on yourself? Beating ourselves up with guilt because of inability to stick to the allocated plan is wasted energy.  Self Labelling with a lack of discipline will only continue the cycle. You are only one responsible but you can help yourself out by controlling your environment.

What can you remove or add to your current environments, that will make it easier to stick to a plan?

When travelling i’ll have a shake packed or be aware where the gym is in relationship to my hotel. Having a forethought about your situation will make the decision process shift in your favour. People that strive in the areas you want too aren’t willing themselves through every single situation. Its easy because their environments are set up to support.

It does sound like you are in battle with yourself. You are! You are battling the life-long conditioning that you have been through. The social conventions that are designed to keep you in mediocre land.


If everyone was kicking butt on all levels society wouldn’t work. That why its hard, because it’s not meant for everybody. Once you decide to give 100% and really give 100%, not just verbally. All of what has been hard will happen without willpower, like an autopilot system to success.

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