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Dave Eddy

Today’s episode is an interview with a good friend of mine and the founder of Vicinity Marketing and marketing specialist for Camplify: Dave Eddy.  Vicinity Marketing is a digital marketing firm in Newcastle (AU) that focuses on helping local businesses create an identity for themselves online.  Not really coming from difficulty but who understands the value of hard work and reaching your full potential, Dave pushed himself out of his comfort zone to fulfil his dreams.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

  • How Dave got motivated to start his business and how he keeps himself motivated through his day-to-day life. (07:05) (10:45)
  • What kind of outlook affects productivity. (04:30)
  • Discovering the importance of staying true to yourself and being your own authentic self no matter what (whether in front of clients or friends). (15:40)
  • Finding your passion. (07:20)
  • Identifying what holds you back and working toward developing past your current self and forward to your full potential. (07:37)
  • Discussing the benefits of being in his line of work. (12:58)
  • Investing in personal coaching and development (Dave has enjoyed attending Tony Robbins in the past!). (09:35)
  • Outsourcing to free yourself of the time-consuming tasks of life that could get in the way of productivity, and more! (20:14)




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