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How to achieve and maintain a peak physique when you’re not a fitness model.

This is going to be article number 1 of 4 of the Achieve and Maintain a Peak Physique series.  In this blog we will cover:

  • The way you see your mentors (YouTube vs INSTA)
  • The truth on training load (time)
  • Why it’s hard to maintain (at first)

NOTE: I’m also referring to an optimised health or maximal performance but for the purpose of this article we will stay with peak physique.

Throughout this series, I really want to connect you with the ‘What’s Actually Required’ W.A.R philosophy that we share and love at De Novo Performance.

Why W.A.R?Whats's Actually Required

Today we have the challenge of sifting through a vast amount of information on a daily basis and unfortunately, the majority of this information doesn’t add value or give you anything that will help make drastic changes.
W.A.R will be the gaps, the missing thoughts and actions that normally aren’t sexy enough to be mentioned but are the real truths on progress to mastery.

Before we begin..

Go back to the last time you started a new job.

Typically you would start this job by shadowing a person for about a week or so, asking them lots of questions, taking in the environment, getting instant feedback.   
Even with this approach, it can take months to get unconsciously competent and years to master.

How do you think your progress would have been if the person teaching you was never available. The only way you were able to learn from them was by viewing one image of a task with 100 characters each day.

Are you starting to understand why you haven’t achieved your Peak Physique yet?

The reason I’m explaining this is because the first step to Achieving and Maintaining a Peak Physique is to find the right role models.

I’m not telling you not to seek information online. There are some amazing masters and teachers out there and going through every physical location would be very time-consuming.

When Idolising Or Modelling Choose YouTube Stars Over Instagram Stars.

If the information you are taking in is image based, chances are it will be the absolute pinnacle of what this person looks like. Not ‘be’ but ‘look’. There is no telling when the image was taken or how many edits have been run over it. There are a few honest and self-accepting role-models out there so there isn’t a total generalisation.

As a guidance tool for fitness, YouTube will give you a much better indication of what someone can really do, how they are in that moment and their level of knowledge. Even if someone isn’t great on camera, you can still see what has experienced knowledge by watching them closely.

Personally, I look for people that are established in their own life. This tells me that they truly love working with and helping people, not just trying to make money in an obvious market.

Two People’s Content that resonates with me are;
Elliott Hulse
Eric Thomas (not fitness specific)  

People teach what they do now, not what got them to where they are.

This important for your growth because when you stumble and fall, you should know that your mentor did too. Your application won’t be as pretty as theirs because they become graceful in learning during the pain days.

Don’t feel frustration in the process, it will never be the same as someone else’s.

Don’t Assume, Observe!

Assumptions will lead to skewed expectations, ultimately a path to failure, or even worse, not beginning.

One of the first assumptions we’ll cover is that you have to live and breathe the fitness industry to actually maintain or achieve a peak physique. This is absolutely not true!  

I work with many individuals and personally experience a high standard of health with running multiple businesses and giving a massive amount time to my loved ones. It’s all about the application time, not the attention time.

If you allocate 60-90 minutes maximum a day to your health, you can achieve amazing things. The difference is that you don’t need to think about it all day outside of the actuality of the exercise.

Reality check on nutrition!

This is one of the most prominent gaps in what people teach and what they actually do.

Let’s open up the thought that a few assumptions may not be true. These will be covered in detail throughout the series.

a) You don’t need to eat fish and broccoli or chicken and brown rice, every single meal.

b ) Eating 6 meals a day will make very little impact on your metabolism .

Check out this article from Born Fitness on this.

Getting to the peak is much harder than staying there.

Despite how much you want to be better, from a physiological point of view, your body believes this is a nice safe place. It has a strong argument because you aren’t dead!

That being said our goal is to shift this balance to a new point. A stronger, more energised and aesthetic point. Once you start to move towards your goal constant adjustments are required to have continuous change. When you first arrive at your goal know that your body isn’t happy there, not yet!

After a period of a few weeks to months, your body will find it’s new balance point and that’s when you can have a little more flexibility in what you eat.

We hope today’s article has opened up your view on how to Achieve and Maintain a Peak Physique. With that slight shift, the information we give will be better received and easier to put to use.

Over the course of these next articles, we will write with more practicality and also approach issues of family/work/health balance and Muscle Dysmorphia/Body-Image challenges.

The content at De Novo Performance is always evolving and we want to help you as directly as we can through our content. If you are after any specific content, please let us know.

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