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Brendon coaches business owners, authors and people wanting to unlock their hidden potential.

He works in both one-on-one sessions and small group corporate wellness programs. Throughout multiple industries, increasing impact and productivity.

His workshops help improve individuals focus, reduce stress, improve quality of life and breaks negative patterns.

Brendon is also the Founder and Co-Owner of WellFit Personal Training, which now operates in 4 locations.

Throughout his time with WellFit, Brendon has self-funded his own trial and error education. Learning all aspects of business. Including email marketing, website design, social media marketing, sales and much more.

He has also managed to remove himself from the seven-figure company only requiring low hours of attention each week.

This amazing opportunity with WellFit gave Brendon the chance to sit with 1000’s of potential clients, talking through their struggles, hopes and dreams.

Through this process getting a deep understanding of people’s motivations and behaviours.

With his Personal Training career spanning 15-yrs, Brendon has perfected the art of helping people navigate their worlds in an optimised way.

Brendon truly believes that the body and health are the foundation of a high performance life. Mastering your habits around health takes application of knowledge, willpower and commitment. All of these factors will show up in your business, personal-life and relationships.

Over the last 6 years, Brendon has tested the limits of this approach, competing as a professional physique athlete regularly training up to 3 hrs a day and maintaining perfect nutrition. All while coaching, running a company and most importantly, having a fulfilling family life.

In both life and business coaching he will always look at implementing optimised health and daily habits.