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Episode #013 with Millie Marshall


Millie Marshall is not just a force in the fitness industry; she's a beacon of resilience and empowerment. Having personally navigated the treacherous waters of an eating disorder, Millie understands the pitfalls of the toxic diet and fitness culture prevalent online. Her early years were marked by a relentless pursuit of fitness through exhaustive cardio, myriad diets, and severe food restrictions. Yet, it was through this challenging journey that she discovered the transformative power of weight training.

Educating herself extensively and learning from her own trials and errors, Millie emerged with a renewed sense of purpose. Today, she's driven by a passion to ensure others don't tread the same arduous path she once did. Instead, she offers a more efficient, enjoyable, and empowering approach to fitness. Millie's mission is clear: she wants to help individuals foster a healthier relationship with food, cultivate a love for physical activity, and continuously evolve into the most empowered versions of themselves.

Founder of Millie Marshall Fitness located in Carrington, she's a testament to the idea that our past challenges can shape our present strengths. Millie's story is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness, education, and persistence. Her insights and experiences uniquely position her to educate and inspire other women to bring about positive changes in their lives.

Talking Points :

  1. (60:10) "It's essential to have intent in what you consume, be it reading or listening to a podcast."
  2. (60:45) "The right book for you depends on what you need at the moment."
  3. (61:02) "It's okay not to finish a book if it no longer resonates with you."
  4. (62:07) "Procrastination can sometimes be a sign that you're driving forward in other areas."
  5. (62:50) "A gym is not just about hands-on coaching; it's a business."
  6. (63:46) "Business is more than what meets the eye; there's a lot happening behind the scenes."
  7. (64:01) "As a coach, it's essential to know when your clients are slacking off."
  8. (65:02) "In business, you can't do everything alone, and that's okay."
  9. (65:37) "It's crucial to have systems in place to ensure you can take care of yourself while supporting others."
  10. (67:45) "Empowering people means they shouldn't be dependent on you."

4 Deep Dive Topics:

The Importance of Intent in Consumption (60:10-60:28)

Millie underscores the significance of being discerning and intentional about the information we consume, especially in today's digital age. With a plethora of content available, it's easy to get lost or misled. Millie's journey has taught her the value of seeking content that aligns with one's current needs, ensuring that it adds value and resonates with personal growth goals.

The Business Side of Fitness (64:10-64:39)

Beyond the sweat and the weights, running a gym is a multifaceted business venture. Millie provides a candid look into the challenges she faces, from operational logistics to client management. While the hands-on coaching might be the most visible aspect, there's a significant amount of strategic planning, financial management, and team coordination that happens behind the scenes to ensure the business thrives.

The Transition of Hiring and Delegating (65:22-65:59)

As her business grew, Millie faced the inevitable challenge of delegation. She delves into the intricacies of trusting others with her brand's vision, the learning curve of letting go, and the importance of building a reliable team. Millie's insights highlight the balance between maintaining quality control and allowing team members to bring their strengths to the forefront.

Empowerment and Independence (67:45-67:59)

Millie's philosophy revolves around empowering her clients to take charge of their fitness journeys. She believes in equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to be self-sufficient. This topic delves deep into the importance of fostering independence in clients, ensuring they're not perpetually reliant on a coach. Millie's approach is about building confidence, understanding, and resilience in her clients, ensuring they can navigate their fitness paths with assurance.

Each of these topics offers a glimpse into Millie's holistic approach to fitness, business, and personal growth. Her experiences, both challenging and rewarding, have equipped her with a wealth of knowledge that she's eager to share with her community.

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