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May 24, 2016
#004 Brooke Hill
October 15, 2019

Episode #003 with Brett Robinson

Introduction of Guest: 
Brett passionately advocates mental resilience and emotional intelligence. He has faced significant adversity in his life, which has shaped his perspective and approach to well-being. With a background in sports training and a deep interest in mental health, Brett shares his insights on the importance of being present, the power of giving, and the journey of personal growth.

Talking Points (Time Stamps):

  • 21:04 - Brett's personal experience with training and the challenges he faced.
  • 21:36 - The importance of mental resiliency and how Brett developed it over the past two years.
  • 24:40 - Brett's upbringing in Cobar and the strong sense of community and relationships.
  • 31:42 - The power of re-educating oneself and Brett's sources for personal growth.
  • 35:27 - Techniques Brett uses to redirect negative or unhelpful thoughts.
  • 37:25 - The potential for personal growth without facing significant adversity.
  • 39:58 - Introduction to the Life Tease initiative and its impact.
  • 46:45 - Brett's upcoming trip to Rio and his involvement in the Paralympics.


Mental Resiliency and Being Present (21:36) 

Brett delves deep into mental resiliency, emphasizing its importance in athletic and non-athletic contexts. He mentions, "Mental resiliency in sport means being in the moment." Drawing from his interactions with world-class athletes, Brett highlights the pitfalls of dwelling in the past or future. He quotes, "You cannot execute to your 100% capacity if you're not in the moment." For the general population, mental resiliency is about bouncing back from adversity and failure, a lesson Brett learned firsthand through personal challenges.

The Power of Community in Cobar (24:40) 

Brett paints a vivid picture of his childhood in Cobar, a small community in New South Wales. He speaks fondly of the tight-knit relationships and the town's extended family vibe. "Relationships are solid," Brett recalls, emphasizing his pride for his hometown. This sense of community was foundational in shaping Brett's values and perspectives on life.

The Transformative Power of Adversity (37:25) Brett's personal story of tragedy and loss is a poignant backdrop to his insights on adversity. He shares the heart-wrenching loss of his grandparents and the emotional turmoil that followed. However, through this pain, Brett grew, stating, "You're going to become more of a whole person after this experience." He underscores the idea that it's not the circumstances but our reactions to them that define our journey.

Life Tease Initiative: Giving is Living (39:58) Brett introduces the "Life Tease" initiative, a collaboration with elite athletes to design T-shirts, with 100% of the profits going to a charity of the athlete's choice. He shares the story of Scotty Reardon, an athlete who chose the Snowy Hydro South Care helicopter service, which saved his life as a child. Brett passionately believes in the mantra "giving is living," emphasizing the profound impact of giving back to the community. He quotes, "The feeling of giving makes everything worthwhile."