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November 21, 2020
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Episode #015 with Chloe Maxwell


Chloe Maxwell is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has successfully transitioned from various business ventures into network marketing. She brings a unique blend of real-world experience and strategic thinking. Chloe is also the host of the "Find Your Flow with Chloe" podcast, where she shares her insights on business, personal development, and lifestyle. She is passionate about mentoring others and helping them find their flow in business and life.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Transitioning from Traditional Business to Network Marketing [00:10]: Chloe discusses her journey from running a fitness business and clothing boutique to entering the network marketing space. She emphasizes the importance of adaptability and leveraging existing skills in new ventures.
  2. The Power of Mentorship [05:20]: Chloe credits her success to having mentors who have guided her in her business journey. She believes in the transformative power of mentorship and even mentors her team members.
  3. Goal Setting and Accountability [15:30]: Chloe is a strong advocate for setting both stretch and realistic goals. She keeps her goals front and center by writing them down daily and even incorporating them into her phone passwords.
  4. Balancing Lifestyle and Work [20:45]: Chloe uses a 90-day planner and Google Calendar to structure her day. She also believes in taking frequent breaks to recharge and reset.
  5. Challenges of Network Marketing [25:00]: Chloe talks about the common struggles people face when transitioning from an employment background to an entrepreneurial role, especially in network marketing. She highlights the importance of patience and persistence.
  6. The Importance of 'Why' [30:10]: Understanding the 'why' behind your actions can be a powerful motivator. Chloe encourages people to dig deep and understand their reasons for entering a business venture.
  7. Daily Practices for Success [35:20]: Chloe shares some of her daily practices, such as moving every 50 minutes and drinking three liters of water a day, which help her maintain focus and energy.
  8. The Role of Social Media [40:00]: Chloe leverages social media not just for business promotion but also for mentorship and community building. She discusses the challenges and rewards of managing a large online following.
  9. Future Planning and Outsourcing [45:10]: One of Chloe's key focuses for the year is to outsource tasks to leverage her time better. She spends about 30 minutes a day on future planning to ensure she's not just treading water.
  10. Personal Development Frameworks [50:00]: Chloe mentions the impact of Brendon Burchard's high-performance framework on her life and how she applies it to her daily routine.

Deep Dives

Transitioning to Network Marketing [00:10-05:20]: Chloe's transition wasn't just a change in business model; it was a shift in mindset. What strategies did she employ to adapt her skills from traditional businesses to network marketing?

Goal Setting and Accountability [15:30-20:45]: Chloe's approach to goal setting is multi-faceted, involving daily reminders, stretch goals, and realistic goals. How does she balance ambition with realism, and how does this strategy contribute to her success?

Challenges in Network Marketing [25:00-30:10]: Chloe discusses the struggles people face when they don't have an entrepreneurial background. How does she mentor such individuals differently, and what are her key pieces of advice for them?

Daily Practices for Success [35:20-40:00]: Chloe's daily practices are not just about maintaining physical health but also about mental well-being. How do these practices contribute to her overall productivity and focus?

Future Planning and Outsourcing [45:10-50:00]: Chloe is keen on leveraging her time more effectively. What specific steps is she taking to outsource tasks, and how does this align with her long-term business goals?