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September 16, 2020
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October 10, 2020

Episode #008 with Lexxie Couper

Introduction of Guests: 

Lexxie Couper, a renowned author, joins Brendan Osborne to discuss her journey in the writing world, the challenges and joys of writing romance, and the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

Considering a Move to Sydney 01:15: Lexxie contemplates relocating to Sydney for her daughter Erica's acting opportunities despite her reservations about the city.

Film Productions in Australia 3:30: The shift of significant film and TV productions to Australia due to filming challenges in the U.S.

Lexxie's Flexibility with Work 5:45: Lexxie's ability to work from anywhere, needing just a notebook, pen, and occasionally a laptop.

Revisiting Paranormal Romance 7:00: Lexxie's return to her roots in paranormal romance and the joy of world-building in the genre.

Contemporary Romance Disconnection 9:15: Lexxie's temporary disconnect from contemporary romance and her perspective on the escapism it offers.

The Essence of Romance 11:00: The importance of a happy ending in romance and the journey to that conclusion.

Joining a Multi-Author Series 12:30: After contemplating leaving the genre, Lexxie decided to be part of a multi-author contemporary series.

The Challenge of Saying No 13:45: Lexxie's struggle with turning down opportunities and her spontaneous agreement to join the series.

International Collaboration 14:30: Working with authors worldwide, including America and Israel.

The Evolution of Writing 15:45 Lexxie's journey in the writing world and the changes she's witnessed over the years.

Relocating for Opportunities

Lexxie discusses the possibility of relocating to Sydney to provide better opportunities for her daughter, Erica, who is venturing into acting. Despite her personal reservations about the bustling city, she acknowledges the potential benefits for Erica's career. "For Erica, for her opportunities," Lexxie states, highlighting the sacrifices parents often consider for their children's dreams.

The Shift in Film Productions

The global situation has led to a significant shift in the entertainment industry. Lexxie points out that many major film and TV productions are now choosing Australia as their filming location. She mentions big names like "Thor" and the "Elvis Presley movie with Tom Hanks" being filmed locally. This shift presents a plethora of opportunities for local talents, including her daughter.

The World of Paranormal Romance

Lexxie shares her journey back to her writing roots in paranormal romance. She speaks fondly of the genre, emphasizing the joy of world-building, which allows for creativity beyond the confines of reality. "It's a wonderful experience to world build," she says, highlighting the depth and richness of the genre.

Understanding Romance: Diving deep into the essence of romance, Lexxie discusses the escapism the genre offers. While romance might seem like a reflection of what readers lack in their lives, Lexxie believes it's more about the journey and the guaranteed happy ending. "We all know the destination... but it's getting to that happy ever after," she muses, emphasizing the comforting predictability of romance.

Collaborating with International Authors: Lexxie touches upon her recent collaboration with authors worldwide. This international collaboration brings diverse perspectives and styles to the table, enriching the writing process. Lexxie's openness to such opportunities showcases her adaptability and passion for the craft.