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June 14, 2016
#007 Aaron Jupp & Jaye Mankelow
September 16, 2020

Episode #004 with Brooke Hill

Introduction of Guest: 

Brooke, a content expert and copywriter, delves deep into the art of storytelling, the importance of intention in communication, and the role of imagination in business. With a keen understanding of the nuances of content creation, Brooke shares her insights on how businesses can effectively communicate their brand stories and engage their audience.


Talking points:

  1. Introduction to Brooke and her background (00:07)
  2. Brooke's current endeavors and her passion for writing (01:57)
  3. The inspiration behind Brooke's children's picture book (02:49)
  4. The process of writing and editing the book (05:09)
  5. The challenges of getting a manuscript published (08:12)
  6. The dual audience of children's books: parents and children (08:54)
  7. Brooke's appreciation for Pixar and Disney movies (09:30)
  8. The importance of making content interesting (42:00)
  9. The significance of intention behind storytelling (43:56)
  10. The role of imagination in business and its potential threats (46:58


The Art of Storytelling in Business: 

Brooke emphasizes the importance of storytelling in business. She believes that to communicate effectively, and one must ask why a story is exciting and how it can be relevant to others. By starting with a question or sharing a problem, businesses can engage their audience more meaningfully. Brooke suggests that companies should always aim to help and come from a place of service. "I think it's having intent behind it and having an intent to help," she says.

The Role of Imagination in Business: 

Brooke expresses concern that imagination is under threat due to the overwhelming amount of information people are exposed to daily. She cites a McKinsey study that indicates automation's potential impact on jobs and emphasizes the importance of leadership, problem-solving, empathy, and vision. At the core of these skills is imagination. "Our brains are under threat from this constant busyness and world that we live in. But equally, the very thing that we need to tap into... at the core of it is imagination," Brooke explains.

Overcoming the Fear of Judgment: 

Brooke touches on the common fear of judgment many face when sharing their stories or promoting their businesses. She believes this fear often stems from concerns about the opinions of those who aren't even the target audience. Brooke advises focusing on the views of those genuinely interested in one's services or products. "Worry about the judgment of the people you're selling a service or product to," she suggests.

The Importance of Content Creation: 

Brooke advocates for content creation, especially blogging with an SEO purpose. She explains that blogging can help businesses rank higher on Google by addressing the specific queries potential customers are searching for. However, she also emphasizes the importance of being pragmatic. "If you're a business with limited funds and limited time, then that's where blogging but with an SEO purpose behind it can help," she advises.